Unsolved Murder of Steve Jindu

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I am bringing this report to you in connection with the unsolved murder of Hannah Deterville

Steve Jindu (24) went missing after last being seen alive at Yates Wine Lodge, Mattock Lane, Ealing on November 11th 2000, Steve’s VW Passat car was found in the car park there. His body was found severely mutilated approximately 3.6 miles away three days later on November 14th 2000.

According to witnesses, Steve popped out several times to make calls on his mobile phone during his time at Yates, but he arrived and left alone. He was captured on CCTV leaving the bar at 10.40 pm but, did not go to his car. I can only assume that Steve left the car parked as he had consumed alcohol but did not want to drive. Steve headed toward Ealing Broadway and talking on his mobile telephone, there were no further sightings.

Now, this is where things get pretty interesting, a passer-by found Steve Jindu’s body in a clearing surrounded by woodland on Horsenden Hill, London, approximately 8o yards from Horsenden Lane North.

I cannot be sure but from the description, this sounds very similar to the place where Hannah Deterville’s body was discovered on January 25th 1998.

Police believe that Steve was murdered on the same night that he disappeared and his body probably lay undetected for three days until a passer-by happened upon it.

Now the question here is, “How did Steve Jindu get from Yates Wine Lodge in Mattock lane, Ealing to Horsenden Hill, nearly 4 miles away, late on a winter night”? There is no evidence of him using any public transport, no CCTV picked him up after he left the bar, so that remains a mystery.

Like Hannah Deterville, Steve Jindu was stabbed repeatedly and is reported to have been covered in stab wounds all over his body. Once again there appears to be no motive for the killing and that combined with the puzzle of how or why Steve travelled to Horsenden Hill really does present a problem.

Investigating officers from the Barnes Serious Crime Group have said “The case has been a mystery from the start”. They have not been able to ascertain a reason why anyone would want to kill Steve.

DCI Norman McKinlay who heads the Barnes incident room said“It was a horrific attack and the family are devastated. Somebody knows something and we are appealing to those who do to speak out.”

Steve’s father Salman Jindu said “This is not over for us, our son’s murder will be with us until our last breath. We are still amazed and we can’t begin to recover until his killer is caught and the truth is told.”

This case is not well reported and it is difficult to get much from the media so if anyone has any useful information then I would appreciate it if you could reach out and contact me.

I am really disappointed that not only has this case been allowed to simply go cold and forgotten but it has not been tied in with the Hannah Deterville murder from 1998.

Let us not forget that the area where both Steve and Hannah were found is a known gay cruising location and I feel that this really needs to come under scrutiny. Hannah’s body being dumped on Horsenden Hill was reported via a confidential call to a gay & lesbian switchboard, so something seems to stand out as needing further investigation.

Obviously, if you have any information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of the killers of Steve Jindu or Hannah Deterville I urge you to contact the Metropolitan police via 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

I will be back with another case for you very soon and of course, I will keep you updated if I get any further information on these cases. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss this case or any part of my work then do please get in touch.

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