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Okay, this is not really a blog, more like an appeal, but please read on. . .

Make these documentaries

As my readers will know I lead a team along with Jarad Adams looking into unsolved crimes and cold cases.

We are of the belief that some of the cases that we cover have not been handled properly and despite the passage of time, can still be re-examined and solved. As part of this, we are keen to get the stories of the more high-profile cases to the widest audience possible.

The team and I are already working on putting out a podcast as well as these blogs, that combined with the professional investigative skills of Jarad Adams we feel can make such a difference

Some of the cases that we really want to focus on at the moment are:

Missing Leah Croucher

The case of missing Leah Croucher who went missing from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire on February 15th 2019.

Leah Croucher was 19 when she literally vanished without trace

Leah Croucher set out for work one morning as usual, or so it seemed except she didn’t make it to work but she was seen by various witnesses in and around the Furzton area of Milton Keynes before disappearing.

Her bank account was never touched and she has never used her national insurance number for employment.

Many things about the case seem strange, one being that her bank account was gradually drained of money because she still had her mobile phone contract going out each month.

There have been several theories about this case including suggestions that Leah was abducted in broad daylight by Asian men who were probably working for a male that she had been seeing, who cannot be named for legal reasons. I do not believe in this theory at all in fact it has no basis.

We are happy to believe that Leah left home of her own free will and simply “evaporate” into the day, never to return. We believe that she had justifiable reasons for leaving.

There were the usual “she was prgenant” stories that came along but I have been advised that Leah’s brother (now deceased) found a pregnancy test in the family home bathroom bin a few days after his sister disappeared and it showed a negative result.

My team and I are of the opinion that this case was not handled properly and that Leah could have been found a good while ago, many people have come forward with sightings that have been dismissed without further investigation and social media groups of “armchair sleuths” have written lots of things that has caused people to take their eyes off the facts of the case

Luke Mitchell / Jodi Jones Case

The murder of Jodi Jones in Dalkeith, Edinburgh is in our opinion an unsolved case, despite the fact Luke Mitchell was convicted of the crime.

Jodi Jones was brutally murdered on June 30th 2003 and Luke Mitchell was convicted in April 2004

Jodi Jones was 14 years old when she was savagely mutilated in Dalkeith, Scotland and her body was found in local woodlands. I choose my words carefully as it is believed that the deposition site was not the site where Jodi was actually murdered.

Luke Mitchell was her first serious boyfriend and the relationship had become sexual.

Luke was also 14 at the time of the murder and his highly trained dog lead the search party for Jodi after she went missing. The animal actually indicated where Jodi was by trying to climb a wall and barking loudly. Luke got through a small area of the wall that was lower than the rest and discovered Jodi’s badly mutilated body.

She had been almost decapitated and suffered some heinous injuries that caused her to lose almost the entire amount of blood from her body. One of the interesting factors of its case is that Luke had not showered or even washed his hands prior to being arrested and examined by the police. He had absolutely no blood, no scratches, no marks, nothing to tie him forensically to Jodi Jones murder yet he was convicted.

This case is very important and has been described by some as “The greatest miscarriage of justice in Scotland’s criminal history”

Luke Mitchell says that he knows he will never get the parole board to release him from prison unless he admits guilt for the slaying of Jodi but he refuses to admit to a crime that he never committed.

He stated that he would rather spend the rest of his days in closed conditions in prison rather than admit guilt and the only way that he is prepared to leave prison is as a free man with his name cleared.

You can watch a two-part programme from Channel 5 on the case but I will warn you it lacks detail here are the links:

Part 1:

Paer 2:

The Suffolk Strangler

In 2006 a series of sinister murders took place in Ipswich, Suffolk. A total of five young women, all prostitutes were killed and dumped in the open air. The women became known as victims of the Suffolk strangler

Five young women, all street prostitutes were murdered in the space of just a few weeks

The first curious thing about the murder victims is that three were deposited at the west end of Ipswich, Suffolk and the other two dumped in a completely different way at the east of Ipswich.

A man named Steven Wright was named as the murderer and convicted of all five killings but all is not necessarily as it seems. Wright was handed a whole life sentence to die in prison but has maintained his innocence ever since.

Most of his convictions were based on circumstantial evidence with such things as carpet fibres from Wright’s car being found in two of the girls' hair. He admitted that he was a frequent user of street prostitutes and that he cruised Ipswich’s red light district in his car.

There has been a lot of speculation about this case and those unsolved murders of street prostitutes in Norwich, Norfolk. Again there is no solid evidence to link Wright to the killings except circumstantial evidence based on him once being the landlord of a public house frequented by some of the sex workers.

There is nothing to actually say that Steven Wright killed any of the Norwich women but nonetheless the cases remain unsolved and as good as forgotten by police.

We believe that the families of all of the sex workers deserve answers and we hope by undertaking a deep-dive investigation we mat just uncover new evidence which can then be filed and handed over to the police in both Suffolk and Norfolk

Below is a report on the case of Steven Wright:

Reasons why Steven Wright should continue to appeal

First and foremost Wright, who always proclaimed his innocence, put his
trust in British justice and his legal advisors just as The Birmingham
6, Stefan Kiszko and so many other convicted persons did before him.
The average English person has been brainwashed over the years by
their media that British justice is infallible and only the guilty get
convicted. Wright was a victim of that syndrome.
He foolishly believed that the judge would surely see that there was
no case against him because he accepted that his DNA might be on all
of the victims because he had had intimate sexual relations with all
of them and he freely admitted that.
But did that make him the killer of all these victims?
Wright always believed that the police had made a terrible mistake and
it would be realised at his trial and he would be exonerated.

Let’s give Wright the benefit of the doubt and weigh up the evidence
against him.
It is clear that he had connections to all the victims either through
his clothes, his flat or his car.
But was there anything to connect him to the locations where he was
alleged to have dumped the bodies? Surely a man carrying a dead body
into the woods would leave footprints and car tracks on the side of the
road which was clearly visible on TV when the last two bodies were
found. There had been heavy rain at the time.
The police suggested that he had an accomplice. Could that be because
they found footprints but they didn’t match his? Would they reveal or
conceal that at the trial?
Wright’s fate was sealed from the start because he had an absolutely
useless and inept lawyer defending him.

Langdale said at the outset of the trial that he would not challenge
the DNA evidence.
That must have been music to the ears of the prosecution and the
police who had DNA low copy number profiles found on some of the
victim’s bodies.

Langdale, as soon as the verdict was returned, made a plea that Wright
be given no more than 30 years in jail because he would not be a
danger to the public then.
He said that before even consulting his client who was in shock at the
prospect of life in jail. His request to the judge showed that he
always believed that Wright was guilty and still he pretended to
defend him. That’s why I say that Wright had no chance from the start.

Low copy number DNA was exposed as fraudulent and fabricated in the
recent Omagh bomb trial of Sean Hoey.
The Ipswich police told the lie after the conviction that Wright was
identified because the DNA found on the victims was matched with his
DNA profile on the national DNA database.

I emphasise that was highlighted by police after the verdict and it
was a lie because Wright was a suspect from early on in the
investigation and was interviewed twice and his details taken then
which were checked up on the criminal records office and revealed that
they had his DNA profile because of a previous crime of theft of

It was a lie to say that the DNA was the vital break that put him in
the spotlight.

He had been a suspect from early on because he was one of a few dozen
regular punters in the small town of Ipswich which had no more than a
dozen or so prostitutes standing in groups of two or three at any time
within sight of a single street corner at the football stadium.
This was not the west end of London or Chapel town Leeds or even Lumb
Lane in Bradford, this was small town Ipswich where the hookers knew
each other and most of the few dozen regular punters were known by all
the girls and talked about it amongst themselves. Wright was such a
regular and known to most of them as a sex case, just a guy who wanted
the straight sex and paid for it like the vast majority of punters.

Another party, shop worker and ex-cop Tom Stephens was known to them
also and he had admitted that he was in love with Tania, the little
dark one who was abducted and missing first.

Is it any wonder that Wright is looking for a new lawyer?


Now I come to the main reason for this article:

Okay so as many of you know I am working on a few cases that I believe are worthy of production as documentaries, these cases include The missing person case of Leah Croucher from Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire.

Investigation into who the Suffolk strangler truly was and who his victims were
The wrongful conviction of Luke Mitchell in Scotland

We also want to produce a documentary looking at murders and unlawful killings of street sex workers in the UK.

Because of the lifestyle, they lead they are not protected or cared about properly by police and authorities. We want to raise awareness of this. If you are interested in working with us from either an investigative point of view or production then please get in touch asap

I am producing true crime blogs and now working with Jarad Adams and my team on podcasts, but I really want to get these stories to the broader public eye

Are you interested? Are you reliable and can commit to the work involved? Get in touch, no time wasters this is serious business and requires absolute focus

Don’t forget my work is expensive so I would really appreciate it if you would “buy me a coffee” by clicking the link below

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