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An Update from an informant

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On May 3rd 1986, Sandra Court, a 27-year-old insurance agent was strangled to death

News of the search for Sandr Court 1986

Sandra’s body was found in a water-filled slow-moving stream on the Avon Causeway by a group of teenagers on the Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme. She was fully clothed and had been strangled, but according to pathologists, there had been very little pressure applied.

The man suspected of Killing Suzy Lamplugh, John Cannan was for a while considered “A person of interest” in the investigation into Sandra’s murder and was indeed questioned by police, but no evidence was found to incriminate him.

It would seem Cannan has been blamed for half the murders of young women in Britain in the mid-80s but none of them was him, not even Lamplugh. Anyway, that is for another day in another blog.

Sandra had been out celebrating leaving her office job at Ambassador Life in Bournemouth in readiness to begin a new life as a nanny in Majorca. She and her friends had been out for a party at Steppes nightclub in St. Swithuns Road, Bournemouth

Sandra is known to have taken a taxi to her sister’s home in Downton Close, Throop, on the outskirts of Bournemouth at 3 am. She told the driver that she would wait outside as her sister was out. As far as I am able to ascertain that is the last time she was seen alive.

Sandra Court at work

The update 07/08/22

Today I received information from a source which I am not about to disclose telling me a few details which will now be pursued further, but currently seem to make sense. If you know of any other information then get in touch with Dorset Police on 101

So, to the information:

Sandra Court Was murdered by a friend who had been out with her on the night of the murder.

The friend’s boyfriend (now husband) assisted in covering up the killing and scattering her belongings in a false trail over the New Forest and towards Parkstone.

The vehicle allegedly used on the night of the murder was a land rover that was destroyed in a suspicious garage fire not long after

The letter that was talked of in reports was faked by Sandra’s friend and her family, particularly her mother who apparently knew all about the murder.

According to my informant, the police officer in charge of the investigation was badly compromised by the family as they were apparently very manipulative. Sandra’s friend, the suspect took the said officer to dinner and was never even considered in the investigation.

This new information has of course been passed on to Dorset Police for their attention.

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