Ricky Percival — Wrongful Conviction

Ricky Percival is serving a 26-year sentence for shooting Dean Boshell in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex in a gangland-style murder. Ricky maintains his innocence, insisting that he did not do the crimes. . .

Ricky Percival was convicted of a gangland-style murder in Westcliff, Essex in 2001

When Dean Boshell’s body was found on an area of allotments rigor mortis had set in. He had been shot twice in the temple and once in the head

The way that the national media tell it the police were treading on eggshells and working deep in the heart of “violent & feuding” criminal gangs who were battling for control of drug-dealing territory.

Ricky Percival was not the original man charged with the murder of Dean Boshell. The original man that Essex police arrested and interviewed on three occasions was a man named Damon Alvin, who after being arrested in possession of 1kg of cocaine agreed to join the police’s payroll as a supergrass.

So why did the man who turned supergrass suddenly completely change his story and walk away from a murder charge? That’s the question that we will be putting under scrutiny in the coming weeks.

We will be working in collaboration with Liquid Bullet Productionz https://twitter.com/LiquidBulletPr1 to expose the truth about the way that Ricky Percival was convicted of murder and attempted murder, crimes that despite getting a minimum life tariff of 26 years in prison he maintains his innocence

We will be bringing you more on this case and keeping you updated on our deep dive as we examine the evidence with crime researcher Amanda Young https://twitter.com/AmandaG81166165 from Liquid Bullet Productions and cold case investigator Jarad Adams https://twitter.com/adams_jarad

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