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Natalie Pearman was 16 years old when her body was found in a lay-by on Ringland Road, Norwich, England.

It was 3.50 am early hours of Thursday 20th November 1992 when the partially naked body of Natalie was spotted by a lorry driver on his way to work.

Natalie Pearman had turned to prostitution and had been working in the red-light district of Norwich, England. She was last seen at around 1.15 am on Rouen Road in the city some five miles from where her body was found.

Natalie Pearman was just 16 years old when she was murdered

Natalie’s body was recovered and a post-mortem examination made during which it was established that she had taken part in vaginal intercourse with at least three different males on the night of November 19th and before 3.45 am on November 20th, 1992. The cause of death was confirmed as suffocation.

Two males were identified by DNA samples and a third remains unidentified due to inconclusive test results. It is thought that the third male was almost certainly Natalie’s killer but, as stated he has never been identified. Police have profiled some 700 men by DNA profiling and more than 4,000 people have been interviewed.

There have been many rumours that Natalie was a victim of the Suffolk strangler, Steve Wright but there was no DNA on her body that could be matched with his. I would be interested to know my readers’ thoughts on this.

Natalie’s younger sister has recently launched a group to help support others who have been affected by a tragedy. The group called “Supporting siblings left behind” (SSLB) was set up to help others by Mrs. Crabtree as she doesn’t want Natalie’s death to be all negative.

Mrs. Crabtree said, “I still remember Natalie’s laugh”. “ I can still hear it now which is so special to me. She was artistic, loved horses, she was great at gymnastics and dance, and was super slim.

Natalie was murdered sometime in the early hours of the 20th of November 1992, between 0115 am and 0350 am. According to post-mortem tests, Natalie who worked as a prostitute had been killed by suffocation and there had been sexual activity very shortly before death.

I do really see that there are many similarities in the methods of killing used by Steve Wright and the fact that he regularly used prostitutes but the DNA has been ruled out, which I have to say seems a little odd.

Steve Wright, the Suffolk strangler

So who did kill Natalie Pearman? What happened to her between 0115 am and 0350 am and how did she end up that far out of town?

I left the whole Suffolk strangler thing alone for a while, but there are unsolved murders of Norwich prostitutes that really deserve attention. If you have any thoughts on this, then please contact me, and let’s get this really under scrutiny

I will be back soon with more on this case and others that we are working on, including Suzy Lamplugh.

Cold case investigator, Jarad Adams will also be publishing an article on this site looking at the unsolved murder of Stuart Lubbock.

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