Missing Estate Agent

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Missing estate agent — Suzy Lamplugh

Estate agent Suzy Lamplugh disappeared without trace whilst apparently doing a house viewing on Monday 28th July 1986. Despite massive media coverage and one of the biggest missing person hunts in the history of The Metropolitan Police force, she has never been traced

I am delighted to say that since my team of researchers became involved and I published my original blogs, we have been working behind the scenes, contacting witnesses, tracking down, and scrutinising details.

As a result, we have now been able to uncover some details of evidence that start to put a whole different view on the case.

My researcher has been in close contact with some witnesses very close to the case and indeed to Suzy in her working life.

I am unable to reveal too much at this stage but I can say that our evidence paints a very different picture of Suzy’s movements and behaviour leading up to her disappearance.

It is a fine detail that makes the picture properly fit together and that is where the issue lies with the missing Suzy Lamplugh case, the pieces of the puzzle are there but some have been put in the wrong places.

A man has been made a scapegoat and “only suspect” in the eyes of the police but we are absolutely sure he was in no way connected to the disappearance. That man of course is John Cannan. He is currently in the last stages of his life and according to national media is dying.

John Cannan was never convicted of murder nor even charged with being connected to the disappearance of London estate agent Suzy Lamplugh

I will be back with more information on this case as soon as my researchers are ready for me to release the story, watch this space!

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