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An investigation by cold-case investigator Jarad Adams

Accountant Andrew Ramsay was walking home from the pub with his wife when he was “arrested” by police, except they were not police officers. . .

Accountant Andrew Ramsay was abducted by bogus plain-clothed police officers

on 22 February 2006, a Scottish accountant and his wife had been to their local pub for a drink and as they arrived home a black Honda Accord car pulled up outside their home, two males jumped out, put Andrew Ramsay in cuffs, and told him he was being arrested in connection with a fraud case.

The men bundled 51-year-old Andrew into the back of the car and drove off, having advised Andrew’s partner, Beverly Sinclair to telephone Stewart Street police station in Glasgow in around four hours for an update. However, when she made the call the police informed her that her husband was not there and he had not been there at all.

As a result of this, an investigation was launched and a hunt for the accountant ensued. It was confusing because, despite a massive appeal for information combined with the fact that the streets had been very busy with football fans and parents collecting their children from Karate lessons on the night that Andrew was apparently abducted, no evidence was forthcoming

Despite the police having detailed descriptions of the bogus officers given by Beverly, no arrests were made, and no evidence has ever come to light

Andrew’s sister, Linda Hodge spoke out on the tenth anniversary of his disappearance and said that she doubts the identity of her brother’s killers will never be known, that in itself is a tragedy and we must work hard to try to change that.

Skull discovered

Andrew Ramsay’s skull was found in fishing nets just off the island of Cumbrae in Ayrshire in April 2007 but only the skull, not the rest of the body.

In the early days of the investigation, detectives formed a theory that Andrew may well have somehow staged his own disappearance and death. Only a short time before the investigation he had been trying to get a loan for £150,000 by remortgaging his partner Beverly’s home without her knowledge, something which I find hard to believe.

It seems that Andrew Ramsay had also re-established contact with an ex-girlfriend, who he had lived with during 2004–2005 whilst he was in Belgium.

He had told the lady in question that he wouldn’t be able to speak to her for a few months, this has never been fully explained.

By all accounts, it seems that Andrew was very well known in the world of business and his sudden disappearance in rather sinister circumstances sent a bit of a shock wave through the business world.

Considering his apparently being well known and popular, it strikes as a little curious that Andrew Ramsay had been unemployed for six months prior to his disappearance and had been interviewed by the real police on several occasions in connection with a fraud investigation.

Obviously, whoever the abductors were they must have been aware of this investigation and this strikes a very suspicious chord with me. I am aware that several of Andrew’s friends said that they thought “maybe he knew too much”, is that the case? What did he know?

Why has no one ever come forward, if only to say that they saw the abduction take place on February 22nd, 2006? If anyone reading this may have been going to the football match in Glasgow that night or even collecting your child from karate in the Cardanold area of Glasgow then you may have seen something, if so please come forward


Two men were arrested on 28th November 2008, they were Derek Menzies and Ian Millar, they were both charged with abduction and murder. Interestingly Menzies was at the time head of security for G1, Glasgow’s biggest chain of pubs and clubs.

Millar was adamant that he had never met Menzies and neither man admitted to ever knowing or meeting Andrew Ramsay. Obviously, both denied any involvement in Andrew’s abduction or murder.

Oddly in 2011, a newspaper reported that prosecutors at the crown Office had never received an official police report on Menzies and Millar despite Strathclyde police saying that they had sent the documents shortly after they had completed their questioning of the two suspects. I have to say knowing the police and their ability to twist things, I doubt whether they had ever submitted the reports as they knew they had little or no evidence to run with in court.

In an interview with the media, Millar said “I have been in limbo for the last three years. No one can tell me why I was a suspect in this man’s murder. I was arrested in the morning and then dumped back on the street in the evening without any money after being charged. I have heard nothing since then.”

After all these years Millar and Menzies have never appeared in court in connection with Ramsay’s disappearance and no one else has been arrested or charged.

Andrew’s partner Beverly was the only witness to the abduction and the last person to see Andrew alive, unfortunately, she passed away in 2015and thus the case has remained cold and unsolved.

In closing, I will leave you with this rather bizarre fact: Andrew Ramsay’s abduction was featured on BBC Crimewatch with a reward of £5,000 offered for information, the twist is that neither the police nor the show received a single call in response to the national TV appeal.

Someone knows something about what truly happened to Andrew, someone may fear coming forward for fear of repercussions. It is never too late to speak up and tell the police what you know.

I do hope Andrew’s sister and family will one day get the closure that they deserve, remember they have never even been able to lay him to rest properly.

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