Is The Jodi Jones Murder Unsolved?

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Luke Mitchell Innocent After All?

Jodi Jones was just fourteen when she was viciously murdered

This case has recently come back into the news after a UK television station, Channel five broadcast a rather controversial documentary mini-series reviewing the case from 2003.

The documentary “Murder in a small town” claims that it is physically impossible for Luke Mitchell to have committed the murder and that has to say the least sparked some serious controversy.

Let me just make it absolutely clear at the outset, that we are in no way injustice campaigners, neither are we following a particular line of belief here. We merely delight in seeing the truth told and justice served.

So to the case in question:

Jodi Jones was brutally murdered on June 30th 2003 in Easthouses, Dalkeith, Scotland. Her badly mutilated body was discovered around 10.30pm in some woodland area, behind a high wall quite close to her home. She had been stripped, bound, suffered multiple stab wounds and almost decapitated.

The original statements say that her body was found by her boyfriend, Luke Mitchell after he led her family out to the woods in search of Jodi. However, new reports from two retired police detectives say that in fact, it was Luke’s dog that tracked the teenager’s scent and alerted Mitchell and the family as to the whereabouts of the body.

Luke Mitchell was said to be in a relationship with Jodi Jones at the time of her murder, he had been her first serious boyfriend and that the relationship was a physical one.

On June 30th 2003 Jodi Jones went out to meet Luke but sadly her family never saw her alive again. Luke Mitchell came under suspicion from very early on in the murder investigation as he had been the first to find her and that coupled with the fact that Jodi had told her family that she was going to meet him at 5pm so it was assumed that she was indeed, with Mitchell until her death.

Two former police detectives, that have now become private investigators, John Sallens and Michael Neill claim in a new documentary that not only have they discovered evidence to say that Jodi’s killer was not her then-boyfriend Luke, but they also have five other possible suspects in the case.

Luke Mitchell was described as a feral teenager

Sallens and Neill, who have a combined experience of more than fifty years as detectives say that they believe Luke Mitchell was “treated differently” from the very outset of the police’s investigation.

The two former police officers are now private investigators with Integritas Investigative Solutions say that “The crime scene was terribly managed”, meaning that it had been disturbed a great deal before police wre able to undertake thorough forensic examinations. The body was left uncovered and open to the elements overnight so some evidence could easily have been lost or destroyed.

The time of death was recorded as 5.15pm but that seems to be pretty unsafe as the body had been exposed completely to the elements all night, with the forensic examiner/pathologist did not arrive until the following morning.

According to the findings of the private investigators they believe that Jodi was not actually murdered at the location where her body was found, but may actually have been killed then dragged to the site.

Investigator Sallens said “The amount of evidence that you can get from a crime scene, if it is handled properly is incredible. It would have been a bloodbath as the injuries were horrific.

so as I see it, if these two highly experienced investigators truly believe that, having spent more than a year re-investigating this tragic murder, there is quite a big possibility that something is wrong. It suggests that a very real possibility exists that a miscarriage of justice could have taken place and this must be looked into with an open mind.

Jodi Jones was just 14, it is right that the real person responsible for her murder be discovered and punished

I am aware that the recent documentary and the findings of the private investigators has caused uproar to say the least and my heart goes out to the family and friends who have seen the case all raked up again, but at the same time I am a great believer in getting to the true facts. If nothing else, surely if it could be possible that Luke Mitchell was not responsible for his girlfriend’s murder then there is a distinct possibility that a killer is still walking the streets and could still strike again, if he or she hasn’t already done so.

I certainly do understand the more obvious reasoning in the evidence that seems to have been overlooked by detectives at the time of the original enquiry, for example:

Luke still had mud beneath his fingernails when he was examined, he had not taken a shower as he still had greasy hair. He would have needed to have a really good long shower and scrub himself to have removed the massive amount of blood that would have come from such a vicious attack.

There was absolutely no forensic evidence found on Luke Mitchell’s clothes, body or even in his home so something really doesn’t make sense.

He would have had to have walked home early on a summer evening, absolutely covered in blood and other mess, probably leaving a certain amount of trail but no one saw him, why is that?

Is this a cold and vicious killer being lead away or an innocent mixed up teenager?

Forgive me for asking these questions and I do really feel for both families left to face the media yet again, but as I mentioned earlier, it is definitely important to see the right man or woman behind bars for such a heinous crime. That is the most important thing here so let’s not lose sight of that.

Jodi was a teenager, who had not even reached adulthood. It seems she was a bit of a tear-away and a liked a smog of the “wacky-Baccy” but, she certainly did not deserve to be brutally murdered.

I have a lot more that I would like to say on this subject but I would very much like to carry out a lot more research and gather other readers opinions so please get in touch and share your evidence, thoughts and opinions.

You know I really appreciate you all taking the time to get in touch and talk true crime to me.

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