Darren Tunstall Missing Since 1992

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20-year-old Darren Tunstall from Walthamstow, London told his mum he was going to stay with friends for the weekend & never returned

20-year-old Darren Tunstall disappeared almost 30 years ago

It will be 30 years on December 3rd, 1992 since the family of Darren Tunstall saw him last. The young man was 20 at the time and living in Walthamstow, London with his parents and sister left home saying that he would spend some time staying with friends over the weekend, but he simply never returned.

Darren was described as shy and loved his own company yet he suddenly just vanished without a trace. Did he leave intentionally to start a new life or is there something more sinister?

The police launched a full enquiry when Darren was reported missing but they found nothing suspicious about the disappearance.

In 2017 on the 25th anniversary of Darren’s disappearance police issued an anniversary missing persons appeal with an artist’s impression picture of what Darren may look like at 45 years old. I think that they are of the same opinion as me in that they feel he is still alive and simply chose to leave, but why?

Artist’s picture of what Darren may have looked like at 45-year-old

Darren certainly would not be easy to miss if someone sees him, he is described as 6ft 4 tall and has size 15 feet. He would stand out in a crowd for sure.

His father said that Darren loved Ireland and had spent a number of family holidays with his parents there, so I do wonder whether he may have travelled there to begin a new life. Whether there has been much in the way of investigation in Ireland is not clear.

Darren’s mum told the media that she just loves her son so much and in reaching out to Darren she said “We have not moved house, we have the same phone number, please come home”.

There is not a great deal of information on this case that I can really discuss but the one point which makes me feel that he may not have left intentionally is that his mother said she last saw her son on December 2nd, 1992 because she was in a hospital on 3rd, Her husband and her daughter visited her but Darren didn’t.

Surely if his mother was unwell and needed him he would have visited her? There is nothing to suggest that he had any issue with his parents or even a reason for just going.

If anyone does have more information please do get in touch with the Metropolitan Police or Crimestoppers UK

I will be back with a major case very soon but wanted to give you something to focus on whilst I work on the next project.

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