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What’s coming next from Lolly true Crime?

Lots of exciting things happening at Lolly True Crime World

Well, it’s a busy time for us and we wanted to share what is coming up so that you know what to expect and you can tell us if there is something that you want us to cover.

The Claire Tiltman Murder — Whodunnit

We will shortly be publishing a deep-dive investigation blog in collaboration with Liquid Bullet Productionz and case researcher Vincent Wright

This study will emphasise the beliefs of Vincent in that the wrong man was convicted of the murder of Claire Tiltman.

Claire was brutally murdered in Greenhithe, Kent, England in January 1993 and her case remained unsolved and cold until Colin Ash-Smith was convicted in 2014, but Vincent Wright firmly believes that he was not responsible.

Who Else Did Steve Wright Murder?

As many of you know Lolly true Crime World has teamed up with a documentary maker and we are currently researching the Steve Wright story.

Wright was convicted of five cruel murders on vulnerable street prostitutes in Ipswich, Suffolk, England in 2006 but we believe that he may well have been responsible for several more disappearances and deaths.

There will be more blogs in the series and of course the upcoming documentary, so stay tuned

Suzy Lamplugh Case Review

The team have been involved in this investigation for some time now and will be bringing more on the unsolved disappearance and possible murder of the 25-year-old London estate agent.

Various lines of enquiry are ongoing and witnesses from 1986 are being sought and spoken to by our researchers so we are definitely not done with that very important case

Missing Leah Croucher

Our team are delighted to be working closely with case specialist Michael Nolan to help expose the truth in this unusual missing person case.

19-year-old Leah Croucher vanished whilst walking to work in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England on February 15th 2019 and has never been seen since. Some people are convinced that the young woman was murdered but we don’t believe that.

Do You have an Unsolved Case?

New cases land on our desk all the time and we are always keen to research and investigate cold cases. If you have a case that you feel is important but seems to have been forgotten then do please get in touch.

We also look at cases where the person convicted of the crime may have been wrongly charged and imprisoned but please be aware we are NOT campaigners and only report the facts and ask appropriate questions

You are always welcome to bring a case to us for our consideration.

As always we are keen to hear from you on anything True Crime so please get in touch.

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