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Here’s what is going on and where we are up to at Lolly True Crime World, Please take the time to share and help us to go forward

Okay, so I want to start off by sharing with you a few things that mean a great deal to me.

As many of you will be aware we are very passionate about True Crime, in particular cases that remain Unsolved and are often deemed Cold Cases.

Our work is mainly focused on British and European cases that really are deserving of our time and research. I make no apology for that as I feel there are more than enough bloggers, writers, podcasters, etc out there that cover international cases.

I am a little confused as I thought that we had made it quite clear with the help of Jarad Adams, The Cold Case Detective that we are much more than a blog writing group and that we are professionals in our field. However, in this report, I intend to make it clear what our activities are and where we see things going in the coming months.

Yes myself and the gang are heading south in the next few weeks as we begin our relocation to Dorset. We feel it is time to get out of the dangers and troubled areas of London in search of a more peaceful way of life in an area steeped in history, surrounded by the sites of several unsolved crimes.

The move is an expensive one but one that we feel is necessary for our health and future safety.

Recently we set up a “Buy me a coffee” page to help us to fund the relocation and ultimately to help us to bring you bigger and better content in the coming months and I would really appreciate it if you could dig deep and support us.

Unlike some bloggers, we do not use Patreon or any other charging site, so you have always received all of our content completely free of charge, so if you can “buy me a coffee” occasionally then I would really appreciate it.

You can do so by clicking the link below:

Many of you will be aware we have an amazing Cold Case Investigator within our team, none other than Jarad Adams. Using his years of experience and knowledge he has brought us to a position where we can undertake case reviews with a view to tracking down new information and getting what would otherwise be a forgotten story back to the public domain.

We are doing our best to bring you cases that we are actually working on, as well as just researched stories but, sometimes we cannot say much whilst enquiries are being made.

Jarad has his own independent blog site as well as social media and email. You can contact him at:

So what happens to the reviews once they are completed?

The file or dossier compiled is handed on to those that brought the case to us and of course if we have gathered new evidence that is handed over to the relevant authorities.

The information that we gather is now being used to put together podcasts and documentaries. We are delighted to say we will, at last, be broadcasting our first podcast very soon. The planning for the podcasts has been delayed by people who came forward offering to assist us in various ways but instead wasted our time by actually doing very little.

We have now worked with a true professional and have a newly formed production company ready to work with us to bring the documentaries that we have long dreamed of.

So, what can we expect to see on our screens in 2023, I hear you ask.

The first venture is a planned documentary looking at two missing person cases that have eluded the UK authorities as well as several independent investigators. The programme will be a two-part production looking at the 2018 disappearance of Georgina Gharsallah and the 2019 case of missing Leah Croucher.

Georgina Gharsallah was age 30 when she literally vanished after leaving a shop in the town of Worthing, Sussex, UK. She has never been heard of since and we feel that there have been so many failings in the investigations by the police that things need to be picked to pieces and looked at again.

Jarad Adams produced a blog on the case recently which you can read here:

Leah Croucher was 19 when she left home, allegedly to walk her usual route to work except on February 15th 2019 she never arrived. From that day on Leah has never been heard from again.

We do not see this as any “normal” missing person case as the story truly does not make sense. We need to get to the truth and we hope by putting a documentary out there we may have some success

I published a blog on this case a few weeks ago, which you can read here:

Steven Wright was convicted of five murders of street prostitutes in 2006 but there seem to be far too many questions surrounding the case that remain unanswered. Besides the fact that the case really doesn't make any sense, Wright has continued to maintain his innocence throughout the years since his conviction.

Wright knows that he could have confessed to the killings and got a life sentence with a tariff date where he may have been able to apply to be released from custody on parole but as he maintained his innocence the judge handed him a whole life sentence with no chance of release.

There are many articles out there but this one is quite indicative of Wright’s innocence, you can read that here:

Our documentary will ask the question. . .

Was Tom Stephens the real Suffolk strangler or simply a fantasist?

The planned production will be a three-part programme, the first looking at the lives of the murdered prostitutes. The second will look at the lives of both Steven Wright and Tom Stephens, whilst the finale will hopefully conclude our findings and give the viewer the option to decide who truly is the Suffolk strangler.

The last string to our work features the wrongful convictions that seem to be all too common these days and feature such names as Luke Mitchell.

A few months ago Jarad Adams was approached to undertake a full case review of another wrongly convicted male but, that was passed to another team after all, but obviously, we as a team are ready to look at other cases and put together reports that could make a difference.

You can get involved in so many ways and at so many levels.

  1. Join our research work by bringing knowledge and information on our featured cases
  2. Join our production team with cameras, sound, editing, etc
  3. Get involved as an actor, playing various parts in re-enactments and walk-ons
  4. Share knowledge and evidence you may have
  5. Help us by investing in our work by using the “buy me a coffee” link
  6. Share our work via social media, i.e. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc

We love to hear from you so please do get in touch:

You can also contact the production team:






Lolly’s True Crime World cold case review specialists, researchers, and Unsolved crime investigation is our passion. Buy me a coffee

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Lolly True crime

Lolly’s True Crime World cold case review specialists, researchers, and Unsolved crime investigation is our passion. Buy me a coffee