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Lolly True crime

Andrew Gosden was 14-years-old when he vanished from his home town in Doncaster, England

Lots of exciting things happening at Lolly True Crime World

The Claire Tiltman Murder — Whodunnit

We will shortly be publishing a deep-dive investigation blog in collaboration with Liquid Bullet Productionz and case researcher Vincent Wright

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Sex workers disappeared from the red-light district of Norwich and were ultimately found murdered, to date the killings remain unsolved

Found in her Jaguar With Fifty Stab wounds

Penny Bell was found murdered in her car on June 6th 1991

22-year-old Michelle Bettles was the third prostitute to disappear from Norwich’s red-light district and be found murdered

Luke Mitchell Innocent After All?

Jodi Jones was just fourteen when she was viciously murdered

!9-year-old Rita Ellis murdered on 11th November 1967

Double Murderer Blames Scientology For Making Him Kill His Family

Kenneth Wayne Thompson claims that his belief in the Scientology religion ultimately led to the pre-meditated killing of his sister-in-law and her boyfriend

Lolly True crime

Lolly’s True Crime World cold case review specialists, researchers, writers & documentary makers. Unsolved crime investigation is our passion

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